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What is InstantPower?

InstantPower is our free proprietary power supply search engine. This tool was developed to enables us to enter various technical specs and search our massive database of over 350,000 power supplies for matching solutions. In 2002, we developed a new user-friendly "wizard" interface and put InstantPower on the Web. Now InstantPower is available to our customers, free of charge, 24 hours a day!

How do I use InstantPower?

InstantPower was designed to be simple and intuitive... just follow the instructions on the main panel and navigate with the buttons on the bottom. If you're not sure about something, put your mouse over it and you'll get a brief description. If you want to know more, read on...

The InstantPower interface is comprised of three basic sections: the narrow monochrome "Search Criteria" display on the left, the main content panel (the big white display with all the pictures on it), and the navigation buttons on the bottom.

InstantPower utilizes an interactive "wizard" style interface, which means that it guides you step-by-step through a series of questions. InstantPower will present you with a question on the main panel. Just about everything on the main panel is interactive: hover your mouse over something and you will see a brief description. Based upon the question, make a choice (or choices) and then move on to the next question by hitting the "next" button on the bottom.

The buttons work just like your web browser: Use the "next" button to go on to the next question, click "back" to go back and make changes to the previous question(s). The "help" ("?") button brings up this page that you're reading right now.  The "home" button (with the picture of the house) takes you to the InstantPower homepage, where you can update your user info or see the products that you've found in previous searches.

The search criteria window keeps a running tab of the specs that you've entered so far. This offers a convenient way to see a summary of your choices without having to go back to previous steps.

After a few pages of basic specs are entered, you will arrive at the Search page. At this point you will have the option to "search now" or enter some advanced specs. We recommend that you search unless you have a good understanding of power supply technology. The reason for this is that it is very easy to enter specs which will combine to create unrealistic criteria. If you get a large number of search results, go back and narrow down your search criteria or try some advanced options (using only the advanced options that you need).

When you search, InstantPower will return a page of search results with a checkbox for each power supply. Check all of the solutions that you may be interested in and then click "Submit". Your results will be instantly forwarded to a Power-Plus sales engineer. One of our sales engineers will contact you promptly and help you choose the right solution from your search results and give you pricing, delivery and technical information. Note that our business hours are 8am to 5pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. If you submit search results outside of these hours, A sales engineer will contact you first thing the following business day.

If you'd like to print your search results, click the "Print All" button or the "Print Selected" button on the toolbar on the bottom of the results page. "Print All" will generate a printable page of all results, whether they are checked or not. "Print Selected" will create a printable page with only the products that you have checked. "Print Selected" comes in very handy when InstantPower returns a large number of results. The printable page is displayed in a window which contains your browser's menubar and toolbar. Simply print this page as you would any other web page: either select "Print" from the "File" menu or click the print button on the browser's toolbar.

I still need help. Can I contact someone?

If you still have questions or need technical assistance, contact technical support:

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